I help optimize your child's development through movement and play.


Online, self-paced course for School-Based PTs new to the niche or seasoned and looking to level up their practice.

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Direct Treatment

Personalized, skilled evaluation and treatment to promote optimal function and well-being within the first year.

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Milestone Consultation

Proactive milestone consults, in person or virtually, to decrease preventable gross motor delays.

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Movement has a profound impact on learning;

it is the foundation. 

Hey there! I'm Dr. Alyssa

I am a mom, a wife and a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who's dedicated to sharing her mission of the profound impact that movement has on learningThis is a concept that starts from birth and is lifelong! I'm so excited to share, learn and move with you!


The weekly activities by Alyssa have helped us maintain some consistency throughout the pandemic. Since taking our toddler out of daycare, we were missing out on structured and intentional play. these easy, small activities really made a big difference in her play. Now she wants to incorporate them in each day. It has been a fantastic way to continue her growth!

-Meg Altman-Cosgrove

I want everything I do with my girls to have a purpose. I don't want to do mindless activities just to keep them occupied for a while. When I saw these calendars I knew they would be a hit with my girls and ME! I saw an opportunity to have a purposeful activity, everyday, that I didn't have to come up with! Another huge bonus: I didn't have to purchase anything extra to perform these activities, everything can be done with items in your household. It doesn't get much better than that!

-Lynnette Galbier

When we started with Dr. Alyssa I felt stressed, worried and concerned. Now  I have the tools to help my son and I feel relief, progress and stronger. 

-Kelly Wilson

5 Indoor Obstacle Course Ideas (using only household items!)

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