Unlock Your Full Potential in School-Based Physical Therapy

Are you ready to transform your school-based physical therapy career?

Whether you're new to the niche, transitioning from another setting, or feeling burnt out by paperwork, this is the solution you've been waiting for.

The Ultimate Guide to School-Based

Physical Therapy

Are you tired of drowning in paperwork and missing out on quality time outside of work? This program is designed specifically for ambitious physical therapists, like you, who are ready to reclaim their time and make a lasting impact in the school setting.

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What Sets Us Apart: Real Stories, Real Transformation

Join a community of like-minded professionals who have experienced remarkable growth. Members ranged from just thinking of switching into this setting, to having 1-2 years of struggling without a mentor or guidance, to having 21+ years as a Physical Therapist in the schools! 


"I’ve been a school-based PT for 8 years now, in a few different places and settings, but i think it’s helpful to know that we all have the same struggles and that starting with the foundation and going back to myself (how can I be productive and get back to starting with me) is huge."

-Erica Myorahno


"Overall, everything was helpful. Coming from outpatient, I had a clinical in pediatrics but not the experience of writing the annual reviews and writing the goals (I had to do some of that but not to the extent of what you do in the schools). So learning the different ways to do those things and the handouts will be helpful. So everything was very helpful over the past 4 weeks so thank you, i appreciate it all!"

-Prospective School-based Therapist


"When I started in the career of PT I found myself in a rural community where I was seeing a variety of populations. One, which was school based PT, that I was very unfamiliar with. This course allowed me to become more confident in my role as a pediatric school based therapist as well as more efficient with my time to reduce stress in my career! Thank you! Great course!"

-Kristine Polacek

Is this program for you?

This program is tailored to passionate Physical Therapists who:

  • Are tired of drowning in paperwork during off-hours
  • Seek to educate their educational co-workers about their vital role
  • Refuse to settle and want to surround themselves with proactive peers
  • Are frustrated with vague answers after hours of research
  • Recognize the value of mentorship for accelerated growth
That's me! How did you know?!

Meet your Mentor!

Hi there, I'm Dr. Alyssa! I've been in your shoes, frustrated with overwhelming paperwork and the feeling of inadequacy despite investing in my education. But I've turned it around. With 7 years of experience in the school setting, I've distilled my knowledge into a powerful program to help you succeed.

Immediate Access to Your Transformation:

Upon enrollment, you'll gain instant access to the complete wealth of knowledge and resources. Overcome challenges, elevate your skills, and make a significant impact on your school-based physical therapy career.  Don't wait any longer to supercharge your career. Enroll now and unlock immediate access to all the tools and resources you need to excel!

Here's what you'll accomplish:

  1. Effortless Caseload Organization: Eliminate stress by effortlessly organizing your caseload from the start.
  2. Masterful Annual Reviews: Create comprehensive annual review templates with masterful ease.
  3. Confident IEP Team Contributions: Engage with the IEP team confidently, showcasing your vital role.
  4. Empowered Community Connection: Join a dynamic community dedicated to amplifying their impact.
  5. Solid Foundation: Establish a firm foundation for an enriching school-based therapy journey.
  6. Year-Round Success Strategies: Acquire actionable tips for consistent success throughout the school year.
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I've jam-packed everything into this simple system, so you can succeed with ease.

Program Highlights:

The Core 4

Unlocking the power of four recordings across four weeks to streamline your entire year.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Connect with course members for invaluable support

Done for You

Templates, scripts, and resources for seamless implementation

Lifetime Access

Automatic updates to keep you at the forefront of knowledge

Here are only some of the things you'll learn:

  • Productivity hacks 
  • A foundation for movement based learning
  • Elevator pitch
  • Student impairments might show up in these functions in the school setting
  • Qualifying students 
    • 3 components to qualification 
    • 5 Questions to answer during the decision making process
  • Essential documents for organization
  • Caseload  vs Workload
  • Daily note writing 
    • Contemporaneous 
    • “Notes must include” 
    • Sample session note 
    • 3 step process
    • Other tips and tricks 
  • School-aged gross motor milestones
  • Data collection for annual review 
    • Other things I might look at 
  • Organization of annual review 
  • Goal writing 
    • Goal template
  • 60 School based functions


Done-for-you Resources:

  • A Foundation to Movement Based Learning
  • Productivity Hacks 
  • Physical Therapy in the Schools Brochure
  • Teacher Checklist for Gross Motor Red Flags in the Classroom 
  • Common Standardized Tests Reference Page
  • Monthly Calendars
  • PT Schedule
  • Reflexes and their Effect on School Function: A One Page Easy Reference Guide 
  • 60 School-based Functions to help write Goals 
  • School-aged Gross Motor Milestones mini E-Book (ages 5-18)
  • Annual Review Data Collection Form 
  • Annual Review Template 
  • Caseload Snapshot Form 
  • Annual Review Tracking Form 

Special Bonus!!!

Gross Motor Calendars

(10 weeks worth!)

10 weeks of daily Gross Motor activities perfect to send home at the end of the school year! These weekly calendars have 1 gross motor activity per weekday that you can complete with household items! 

Each week has a mix of indoor and outdoor activities (Indoor summer activities are just as important for those super hot or rainy days!)

I've taken all the guess work out of it by creating a fun calander in which your kiddos can cross off each day with a sense of pride, right down to using motivational colors, fonts and quotes! They are going to be begging to do their new activity every day!

BONUS: Supercharge your Impact!

($999 value)

10 additional exclusive webinars on some of the most asked about and common topics that come up in our day to day as School-Based Physical Therapists. These videos total over 14 additional hours of premium content. They are filled with clinical pearls guaranteed to take your practice to the next level. 

These are a MUST WATCH!

29 Questions to ask in your School-Based Job Interview

18 Most Commonly used Signs

Improving Session Engagement/ Behavior Management


Pharmacology in the School-Based Setting


Fostering Teacher Therapist Relationships





Healthy Toileting Habits in the School-aged Child


IEP Minset Training


School-Based PT & Autism


Equipment in the Schools


Act Now and Reclaim Your Career:

The Cost of Inaction

Picture this: Another school year begins, and you find yourself buried under mountains of paperwork, struggling to keep up with demands, and missing out on precious moments outside of work. The stress continues to mount, and your professional growth remains stagnant.

Now consider the cost of not taking action:

  • Lost Time: Countless hours spent wrestling with disorganized caseloads and paperwork could be invested in meaningful interactions with your students.
  • Missed Opportunities: Without mastering annual reviews and confidently contributing to IEP teams, you risk missing out on recognition and advancement.
  • Isolation: Struggling on your own without a supportive community can lead to burnout and a sense of isolation in your career.
  • Unfulfilled Potential: The chance to truly make a lasting difference in the lives of your students and excel in your profession may pass you by.

The price of inaction goes beyond mere dollars – it robs you of your time, growth, and fulfillment.

Now, here's an alternative scenario:

For just $497, a fraction of what you might spend on non-essential items, you can gain immediate access to our comprehensive program. This investment opens doors to organized caseloads, expert-level annual reviews, and confident contributions to IEP teams. You'll join a supportive community, establish a strong foundation, and receive strategies for success throughout the school year.

Don't let the cost of inaction hold you back any longer. The choice is clear: Act now and invest in yourself, your career, and the impact you can have on your students.

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